“Rising Sun” Katana & “Cherry Blossom” Katana

Name: “Cherry Blossom” Katana.
Blade Material: AISI 1060 High Carbon steel.
Blade Construction: Monosteel.
Blade Type: Shinogi-Zukuri.
Blade Hardness: 50 HRC.
Blade Lenght: 29.0" (73 cm).
Heat Treatment: Through hardened and quenched in water. Fully tempered.
Polishing: Hybrid. The edge is very sharp.
Fuller(Bo-Hi): Yes, it lightens the sword, which results in increased swing speed and the specific “tachi-kaze” sound.
Handle(Tsuka) Lenght: 11" (28 cm). Synthetic silk wrap over same-skin over wood.
Tang: Full tang – the blade goes all the way down to the end of the handle. Two bamboo pegs are used for security.
Guard(Tsuba) and fittings: Made from alloy in “Cherry Blossom” theme.
Weight: 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg naked blade).
Overall Length: 41.0" (103 cm).
Condition: Brand new.
Price: $215 (320 lv) No discount, no bargains!
Katana is the samurai’s main weapon. The Japanese warriors used it in battle, for duels and for everyday’s practice. Made in Longquan China, this katana is a modern look into Japanese culture and traditions.
The sword is a ultimate weapon – it can cut easily with its razor sharp edge while being durable enough to absorb a hit. Second to none choice for combining looks with functionality. “Cherry Blossom” Katana is full-tang and “battle ready” weapon.